How do I enroll?
Please go to the enrollment "landing page " your organization provided you to ensure your organization receives credit.. If you need additional assistance please contact us

How can I share this with my friends?
The best way is to forward the link your organization sent to you. I-texts is “social media” friendly allowing you to easily refer your friends, family, co-workers, anyone to I-texts! Everyone you refer who joins I-texts benefits--not just your friends but also the organization that you support.

What if I wish to stop receiving text advertising?
We believe we will earn your business by providing you with great deals and specials while supporting your favorite cause, but if you wish to stop it is quick and easy and will take only a few seconds by texting stop to short code 70000

When will texts start going out?
We expect members to begin receiving advertising texts within 30--45 days of joining. We expect over a period of time most members will receive up to 3 texts a day. As membership grows in specific zip codes we plan to then introduce local advertisers.

In which countries can members receive text messages?
Currently we are only in the USA but plan to expand into other countries.