Why should I join I-texts?
Because almost everyone loves to receive great deals, offers, and specials from National, Regional, and Local businesses! Your organization is making money with every text you receive, and allowing you to help others. Plus every time we send an offer, deal, coupon, etc., to your mobile phone, you may have won up to a $5,000 cash prize.

What type of text messages will I receive?
You will receive MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service--i.e., pictures/video) or SMS (Short Messaging Service--160 characters) text messages, generally from mainstream national advertisers (such as McDonalds, Nike, Coke, P&G, etc.), and coming soon from local ZIP/Postal Code-specific offers. Best efforts will be made to provide you with texts tailored to your specific likes and preferences, which you select in your Preferences area.

Where does the money come from since there is no cost to me or the organization I support.
Advertisers spent over $150 billion last year to get your attention. These advertisers pay I-texts to send texts out on a per text basis. We in turn pay your organization a generous portion of these fees. Everyone wins! There may be a fee imposed by your service provider if you have a limited text package, and you exceed that limit.

Why do you ask about my shopping, dining and other preferences?
I-texts wishes to send you texts which you have a genuine interest in. With a maximum of only 3 texts going out each day we want you to receive info, deals, and specials on items you wish to receive allowing I-texts to be a great experience.

How many texts can I receive per day?
You may receive up to 3 Texts advertisements per day.