Our Group

David V. Nesbitt
Mr. Nesbitt leads the Operations of I-texts. As National Business Development Manager for I-texts, he has been instrumental in the acquisition of 432 representatives and 330 groups on a national level. Mr. Nesbitt has a successful history of inspiring and motivating people in his many different business leadership positions. His leadership has spread to a variety of different business endeavors, including time as Director of Field Operations for The Health Network in Virginia.


Myrl L. Hairfield
Mr. Hairfield will lead I-texts with his expertise in operations, new business development, and administration. Mr. Hairfield has a vast business background in financial management and administration as well as building new businesses from start-up. He has worked for New York Stock Exchange Investment firms, led divisions of business operations, and the management of two Fortune 500 company subsidiaries. Each operation achieved or exceeded their operating goals. His proven business leadership experience will greatly enhance and support the development and success of I-texts.


Clive Raines
Mr. Raines is the Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Technology Limited, a global management and telecommunications consultancy. Mr Raines was born in England and is a resident of New Zealand where he is based. His unique background provides a unique mix of global senior management, technical and marketing experience in the computer, wireless and telecommunications industries. Mr Raines has been instrumental in developing a number of next generation strategies to implement in a wide range of next generation business, consumer and wireless based services.